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General information

We sail in the North Bay on my boat. Here are the tides for the general area.

I hold a U.S. Coast Guard 100 GT Masters license, Near Coastal to 100 nm, with sailing and towing endorsements.

I am an American Sailing Association (ASA) and United States Sailing Association (USSailing) certified instructor.

A really nice, full day can start about 10 a.m. and lasts until just after sunset There is no set itinerary except for a stop for lunch. It's best if you don't make plans for the evening of the sail; It's difficult to predict the exact time we'll return. Shorter sailing are also available of course.

If you'd like to know more about full day (typically about six hours), send email to with the details.

SailNOW is accepting Private Cruises and Lessons only for now, due to the Covid-19 virus situation. Our primary goal is safety, and we're not willing to risk your or our health until the situation is resolved. We strictly enforce the wearing of masks and disinfecting surfaces during our sails.

The Skipper's duties

  • Ensure safety of crew
  • Discuss safety procedures with crew
  • Ensure safety of boat

The crew's duties

  • Do what skipper tells them
  • Alert skipper to hazards he might not be aware of
  • Listen to and follow safety procedures skipper discusses
  • Let the skipper know if you can't swim
  • Don't get the skipper wet!

What to expect

  • A great day sailing with interesting people
  • Variable weather conditions (from sun to fog to LOTS of wind to NO wind)
  • Up to four people maximum plus skipper (due to Covid restrictions)
  • Possibly a full boat (six people plus the skipper)

What to bring

  • Anti-nausea medication (if you're prone to getting seasick)
  • Food and drink (alcohol in moderation is ok except during classes; water is better)
  • Camera
  • Clothing:
    • Waterproof (or gortex) jacket
    • Layered clothing
    • Shoes with non-makring soles
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Gloves (sailing or bicycle)
    • Sunscreen and lip balm (more important than your pants)

What not to bring

  • A fishing pole
  • Firearms
  • A boom box
  • Boots, high heels, open-toed shoes
  • Illegal drugs (including marijuana)
  • Cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or similar products
    (nicotine patches are ok... electronic cigarettes are not ok)
  • A bad attitude

Where's the boat?

    Please contact me via my webform for the specific location. If you're lost or need to contact me urgently, please call or text me at 650-619-6896.

    Arrangements for other pickup points can be made for an extra charge.

How to sign up

If you're interested in sailing on a particular date, let me know! Or, you can sign up here.

Be sure and check the Fun Stuff menu at the top of this page for previous trip pictures and descriptions.

Please note that any trip may be canceled due to bad weather. Bad weather is defined as major storm action, not a few drops of rain.

Deposit requirements for charters and lessons

If you want to make special arrangements for a private charter, a deposit will be required to hold your reservation. I will give you instructions about how to go about this. Sending a deposit without first signing up means I'll be one step closer to retirement. If you'd rather send a check, let me know and I'll tell you how.

Canceling or not showing up

If you need to cancel or postpone, please let me know at least two weeks in advance. (I'd prefer even more notice, if possible.) Emergencies come up. Let me know if that happens. Depending on your situation, I may offer a partial or full refund.

If I cancel (e.g., equipment issue or illness), I will offer you a refund. It's also possible that I may have to postpone the class or charter due to special circumstances.

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