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Safety on the water

The best site I've found that discusses safety is Before you do anything else, go there, bookmark the page and start reading.

Here's a good link that describes some safe sailing basics for all ages. Thanks to Brittney B. age 8, for the link!

Boating and Yacht Safety for All Ages

FDA approved anti-nausia wrist band

The 1st FDA Cleared wrist worn wearable that treats nausea. It works for sea sickness, as well as car and air sickness. Unlike drug solutions, there are no side effects, and it can be used before or after symptoms start. Works in minutes, and is doctor recommended and clinically proven to work. More effective than pressure bands and patches. The Sport is waterproof so it can be worn on the boat or in the water. Also works for anxiety, morning sickness and gaming related motion sickness.

HOW IT WORKS: The Sport sends a gentle pulse up your median nerve which goes to the part of the brain that controls nausea. The pulse normalizes the messaging from the brain to the stomach and rapidly relieves the nausea and vomiting symptoms, with no side effects. It is waterproof and has 6 intensity settings. The battery is rechargeable and will last for approximately 25 hours on a full charge. Comes with the Sport unit, charging cable and a tube of conductivity gel.


  • Stops and treats nausea and vomiting occuring from sea sicknesss and other types of motion sickness
  • Waterproof (IPX7 Rated)
  • 6 Intensity Settings
  • Battery Rechargeable ( Approx 25 hours on a full charge)
  • Changeable band that will allow the Sport to be attached to a smart watch (Accessory band required)

A Resource Guide to Boating and Yacht Safety

Here's a good article about safe sailing:

Resource Guide

Weather basics

Here's a great explanation of clouds and basic weather courtesy of NASA. If you need to check your weather, go to


Learning important knots is a great website devoted to knots. You can watch them in slow motion and see all the steps to most of the knots you'll likely use aboard a boat.

Safety while sailing

Here's an article about clothing that'll keep you safe.

Things to consider when sailing offshore and general seamanship.

Have a complete ditch bag just in case. Here's a good article about it. The Complete Overboard Bag

Tying a bowline without the rabbit or fox

Follow vessel traffic via AIS

Check your charts

Here's a great link for NOAA's online charts. They're not a substitute for paper charts, but they are really helpful.

NOAA Charts Online

Things to practice and things I teach....

  • Crew Overboard/Safety Equipment
  • Motoring/docking in tight quarters
  • Basic sailing and boat handling
  • Anchoring techniques
  • Rules of the Road and terminology
  • Basic knots (e.g., cleat hitch, bowline)

Some cool pictures and videos

Orca and sharks

Satori and the Perfect Storm

and another account, with pictures of the boat after the storm....

NY Times article about Satori

So you think your compass is reliable...