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Noteworthy Organizations

The following is a list of fine organizations (and other cool links) who I have decided should grace these pages. They offer, in one form or another, valuable information and support for sailors at the local, national, and international level.


Boating services and sales

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Non-profits or informational sites

United States Coast Guard
Maritime Institute
Ocean Cruising Club
Yes, I'm a member.
American Sailing Association
instructor certified
instructor certified
Latitude 38
Boating Safety
Everything you always wanted to know about boating safety
Boating Safety with Kids
Keep the kids safe while boating
48 North
Teresa Carey's Sailing Simplicity & The Pursuit of Happiness
SF Sailing
Sail Theory
What you see is what you get
ACLS Training Center
First Aid for Unconscious Person
Animated Boating Knots by Grog
Manitou Knots
Skipper Tips
All Things Boat
Making Sense of the ACR


High quality commercial sites

West Marine
Garb and Gear, by Sailors, for Sailors ... Aaargh
Suppliers of chain, wire rope, and marine fittings
Staten Islans Yachts
Swimming Safety for Kids when Boating
Buy Rope
Marine and boat ropes available in custom lengths
Marine Safety
Maritime Safety Guide


Respected charter companies

Club Nautique
(I teach here!)
Tradewinds Sailing School & Club
(I used to teach here.)
Pacific Yachting and Sailing
Treasure Island Sailing Center
(I used to teach here.)
Boat BVI
American Yacht
Destination, Crewed, and Bareboat charters
Sabre Yachts
(I own one!)
WindRiders are FUN!
(I used to own one!)